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Juhi Artz ventures successfully for a major paradigm shift in contemporary use of pinewood in an innovative manner.

Juhi Artz has conceptualized and created innovative designs using pinewood altogether differently for the first time in the world. In fact, it exhibits the innate beauty of pinewood reflected through its intriguing products with glitzy effect. It has truly emerged as a trend-setter for pinewood lighting fixtures. Juhi Artz is committed to its craftsmanship and quality products. With a comprehensive pinewood product line and a team of creative designers, technicians and highly skilled workers standing by to customize its technology to your specific needs, Juhi Artz can provide the perfect and innovative lighting solutions to any settings such as drawing/dining room, bedroom, kids room, kitchen, etc. Moreover, the exclusive products can cater well to the hospitality industry and corporate offices. Being member of the India’s Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, Juhi Artz exhibited scintilating lights and lamps of exceptionally high standards at Delhi Autumn Fair 2014, at EXPO Mart, India. The products were much admired by overseas as well as Indian buyers who visited its stall at the Fair. Some of the remarks in its GUEST Book included …great creative collection, unique concept, amazing work, excellent craftsmanship, beautiful product, innovative, phenomenal lighting fixtures, wellness industry should be catered as the wood gives warm effect; elegant designs, creative…

A Good News to share with YOU

Juhi Artz feels immense pleasure to inform all concerned that as a result of our innovative and extensive research, Mr J.K. Verma, Chief Executive Officer has been granted Patent by Controller of Patents, Government of India for his invention entitled NOVEL METHOD OF FILTERNING LIGHT THROUGH PINEWOOD’S ANNUAL GROWTH RINGS AND MANUFACTURE OF LIGHTING FIXTURES”Unique wooden lamps and lights demonstrate our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our invention and exploring its full potential.

This significant achievement and its impact on lighting industry will a long way in furthering this new trend in wooden lights for its quite obvious benefits such as eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, ambient and artistic lighting.

Juhi Artz partnering with one of a major electric companies of India is a significant achievement and a testament to the market potential and value of our invention. The pinewood lamps and lights of Juhi Artz demonstrate a unique artisanal craftsmanship with originality in designs and styles and enhances their visual appeal.

Juhi Artz invites all interior designers, architects, or lighting consultants who appreciate unique and innovative designs to reach out to us directly for a variety of unique wooden lamps and lights for all settings for special discounts. Juhi Artz offers personalized or bespoke lighting fixtures that can differentiate your products and attract high-end customers.  We are sure that our enchanting wooden lighting fixtures will complement your projects with an edge over your other competitors.

Juhi Artz is open to collaborate with like-minded individuals or businesses to license our patented method to interested parties ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship while protecting our intellectual property.

Juhi Artz informs all potential infringers about the consequences of copying or using our patented method without permission which includes legal action and associated penalties.

All interested parties can contact Mr J.K. Verma, CEO, Juhi Artz for further inquiries or collaboration at D-82, Sector 7, NOIDA (Mobile: 9711897697; email: jatinderster@gmail.com).

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